Friday, 2 October 2015

Mac OS X - Finder - Open in Terminal

I love the internet, I really really love the internet.

I have a requirement, I go to Google, I search for a solution, and I find ... a solution :-)

The context ....

I was looking for a script ( ) on a Red Hat VM, running within VMware Fusion.

The script wasn't on the VM, but was available within a folder on the host Mac.

I found the script using Spotlight ( via [CMD][Space] ) and was then trying to work out how to quickly get it from OS X to Linux.

I know I could open Terminal, navigate to the folder ( /Users/davehay/Documents/Docs.ISSW/WebSphere/MTA2015 ) and then send it to Linux ( scp wasadmin@bpmdemo:~ ).

How could I do it more simply ?

In Windows, I'd have leveraged the functionality built into the shell, and opened a command prompt ( aka the DOS box ).

So I went to Google and typed .... finder open command prompt here

and found this: -

This talked me through creating a Service within the Terminal application.

Once I followed this, I was able to do this: -

which is nice.

I'm now looking for an equivalent to New Terminal at File but that'll do for now :-)

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