Saturday, 23 December 2017

Windows, and missing my rm -rf

Whilst I know that things like PowerShell gives me Unix-like capabilities on Windows, I was looking for a Q&D solution.

All I wanted to do was to remove an entire directory structure.

Back in the day, we had deltree but that appears to have gone in later versions of Windows.

However, we do have rmdir which does the job, as per this example: -

rmdir C:\IBM /S/Q

whereas my muscle memory would be do use this: -

rm -Rf /IBM

In the words of the prophet, good luck with that.


Unknown said...

Take a look at CMDER, a command line replacement (incl. a git client) which brings back all known Linux/Unix shell commands to the Windows world:

Dave Hay said...

Hi Oliver

Many thanks, I’ll check that out.

Merry Christmas, Dave

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