Tuesday, 3 April 2018

IBM Automation Platform for Digital Business

The IBM Automation Platform for Digital Business is an integrated platform of five automation capabilities that help business people drive virtually all types of automation projects at speed and scale.

You can automate repetitive human tasks, content management, process workflows, data capture and business decisions with the platform's flexible, integrated capabilities.

Tasks – Use bots to automate human tasks

Record and automate repetitive human tasks to automate mundane work, eliminate copy-and-paste and data entry errors, and free employee time to do higher-value work.

Content – Share and manage enterprise content

Provide highly secure and compliant management of most types of content, support instant access to content, connect content to digital business applications and help assure governance and compliance.  

Workflow – Design and manage end-to-end workflows

Model, automate, change, monitor, and optimize core business processes to improve consistency across tasks and processes, increase productivity, and increase straight-through processing.

Capture – Capture and extract data from content

Digitize business documents while extracting, storing and understanding important data to help reduce or eliminate manual entry and errors, increase efficiency and productivity, and automate gaining insights from unstructured data.

Decisions – Automate decisions with business rules

Capture, automate and manage business rules to encourage rapid adaptation to change, increase the consistency and auditability of decisions, and detect problem situations in real time.

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