Friday, 6 April 2018

VMware Workstation on Ubuntu 17.10

I'm setting up a new installation of Ubuntu, on the same Beast ( quad core, 32 GB RAM ) now that I've added a Samsung EVO 850 SSD ( a whole 1 TB of storage-y goodness ).

Having built a USB key for the Ubuntu VM ( more about which in another post ), I booted Beast from said USB key ( it took a spot of trial & error using the F8 key ) before I found the right magic invocation ), and installed Ubuntu without any issues.

My, does Beast fly - the SSD is as fast as light ….

I then went through the process to install VMware Workstation 14.

That wasn't quite so smooth.

The first thing the installer asked was for me to install gcc and make in order that it could compile the requisite kernel modules: -

sudo apt-get install -y gcc
sudo apt-get install -y make

I then struggled to get past that, with this: -

and then this: -

Thankfully this: -

provided the answer: -

touch ~/.Xauthority
chmod 600 ~/.Xauthority

which did the job.

Now to speed merrily away ….

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