Monday, 9 April 2018

More on the IBM Cloud Command Line - This time on macOS

So, when I tried to log in to my ICP cluster from my Mac: -

bx pr login -a https://mycluster.icp:8443 --skip-ssl-validation -c id-mycluster-account -u admin -p admin

'pr' is not a registered command. See 'bx help'.

bx help

   bx - A command line tool to interact with IBM Cloud

   [environment variables] bx [global options] command [arguments...] [command options]


   api        Set or view target API endpoint
   login      Log user in
   logout     Log user out
   target     Set or view the targeted region, account, resource group, org or space
   info       View cloud information
   config     Write default values to the config
   update     Update CLI to the latest version
   regions    List all the regions
   account    Manage accounts, users, orgs and spaces
   catalog    Manage catalog
   resource   Manage resource groups and resources
   iam        Manage identities and access to resources
   app        Manage Cloud Foundry applications and application related domains, routes and certificates
   service    Manage Cloud Foundry services
   billing    Retrieve usage and billing information
   plugin     Manage plug-ins and plug-in repositories
   cf         Run Cloud Foundry CLI with IBM Cloud CLI context
   sl         Gen1 infrastructure Infrastructure services
   cr         Commands for interacting with IBM Bluemix Container Registry.
   cs         Plug-in for the IBM Bluemix Container Service.
   dev        A CLI plugin to create, manage, and run projects on Bluemix
Enter 'bx help [command]' for more information about a command.

   BLUEMIX_COLOR=false                     Do not colorize output
   BLUEMIX_TRACE=true                      Print API request diagnostics to stdout
   BLUEMIX_TRACE=path/to/trace.log         Append API request diagnostics to a log file
   BLUEMIX_API_KEY=api_key_value           API key to use during login

   --version, -v                      Print the version
   --help, -h                         Show help

So I'd correctly downloaded / installed the IBM Cloud CLI: -

which gave me this: -

bx -version

bx version 0.6.6+d4d59ab5-2018-03-20T07:49:59+00:00

but I had neglected to download/install the relevant IBM Cloud Private (ICP) Plugin.

This helped: -

which directed me to the ICP admin UI itself: -

curl --insecure > /tmp/icp-darwin-amd64

  % Total    % Received % Xferd  Average Speed   Time    Time     Time  Current
                                 Dload  Upload   Total   Spent    Left  Speed
100 19.5M  100 19.5M    0     0  10.4M      0  0:00:01  0:00:01 --:--:-- 10.4M

ls -al /tmp/icp*

-rw-r--r--  1 davidhay  wheel  20524704  9 Apr 19:42 /tmp/icp-darwin-amd64

bx plugin list

Listing installed plug-ins...

Plugin Name          Version   
dev                  0.1.13   
container-registry   0.1.171   
container-service    0.1.328   

bx plugin install /tmp/icp-darwin-amd64

Installing binary...
Plug-in 'icp 2.1.182' was successfully installed into /Users/davidhay/.bluemix/plugins/icp. Use 'bx plugin show icp' to show its details.

bx plugin list

Listing installed plug-ins...

Plugin Name          Version   
container-registry   0.1.171   
container-service    0.1.328   
dev                  0.1.13   
icp                  2.1.182   

API endpoint: https://mycluster.icp:8443

Targeted account: mycluster Account (id-mycluster-account)

Nice :-)

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