Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Causing Lotus Quickr Services for Lotus Domino to update it's search index ...

Go to the Domino server's console, and run: -

> load updall LotusQuickr\foobar\search.nsf

which should return: -

03/18/2009 09:38:00 PM Index update process started
03/18/2009 09:38:00 PM Updating views in C:\Program Files\IBM\Lotus
03/18/2009 09:38:00 PM Updating search site database 'C:\Program Files
03/18/2009 09:38:00 PM Finished updating search site database 'C:
\Program Files\IBM\Lotus\Domino\data\LotusQuickr\foobar\search.nsf'
03/18/2009 09:38:02 PM Index update process shutdown

( where foobar is the name of the Quickr place )

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