Wednesday, 11 March 2009

WebSphere Portal Express - My First Look ...

Just getting ready to go see a client tomorrow, and plan to use the updated version of WebSphere Portal Express,, which was shipped late last year.

I always create an unpack script to extract the content of the ZIP files, which always have unusual names, and this time is no exception.

Therefore, I created a batch file ( gosh, how long have I been creating batch files ? ) as follows: -

unzip -d c:\temp\W-Setup 
unzip -d c:\temp\W-1
unzip -d c:\temp\W-2
unzip -d c:\temp\W-3
unzip -d c:\temp\W-4
unzip -d c:\temp\W-5
and use a command line extraction tool called UNZIP.EXE ( part of the PKWare ZIP/UNZIP suite ).

Will post an update once the installation is finished ....

In case it helps, the mapping between the file names and the directory names can be found in this IBM document here: -

Required CDs and downloadable images to install IBM WebSphere Portal Express V6.1.0.1

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