Friday, 7 May 2010

IBM WebSphere Portal Content Templates Catalog

Just experimenting with these templates on a freshly installed WebSphere Portal Enable 6.1.5 installation ( Linux ).

Being a typical used, I just jumped straight in and tried to install them using the shipped having modified it. I then realised that I first needed to: -

(a) copy the catalog components into /opt/IBM/WebSphere/PortalServer
(b) ensure that /opt/IBM/WebSphere/wp_profile/ConfigEngine/properties/ has the correct values for WasPassword and PortalAdminPwd.

Is it just me or would one not expect to take these values from given that it's necessary to amend it to reflect the WAS and Portal credentials ?

Have fed back same via the Catalog entry: -

In the meantime, here goes ...

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Dave Hay said...

The URL for the CTC seems to have changed: -

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