Friday, 14 May 2010

Problem with WCM on second node of cluster

Having built my WebSphere Portal / Lotus Web Content Management 6.1.5 cluster, I was sad to see exceptions in the SystemOut.log of the second node when I accessed WCM content. The errors included: -

Failed to login to repository

and: -

Requested Member does not exist.uid=wpsadmin,o=default organization

even though I thought I'd done all the right things in terms of LDAP configuration etc.

Thankfully, Hunter Tweed's most excellent WP615 clustering guide: -

covered this, along with many other things.

I'd forgotten to run the enable-jcr-security task on the second node.

This required me to ensure that the ConfigEngine properties files: -





were up-to-date, in terms of their references to LDAP user/group IDs, rather than the default WebSphere Identity Manager (WIM) values.

Once I'd done this, I ran the task as follows: -

cd /opt/IBM/WebSphere/wp_profile/ConfigEngine
./ enable-jcr-security

and voila, we're good to go.

This Technote: -

describes the problem and solution in more detail.

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