Thursday, 13 May 2010

Using Ephox EditLive! as the default Rich Text Editor within the Express Internet / Intranet microsites

As mentioned in an earlier blog post, I'm using the Internet and Intranet microsites that are provided with WebSphere Portal / Lotus Web Content Management 6.1.

Having deployed them into my two-node WP/WCM 6.1.5 cluster ( Note; it's essential that they be deployed BEFORE database/LDAP transfer etc. ), using the scripts

./ configure-express -DPortalAdminPwd=passw0rd -DWasPassword=passw0rd
./ action-express-memberfixer -DPortalAdminPwd=passw0rd -DWasPassword=passw0rd

and, after the LDAP migration, having re-run the action-express-memberfix task, once I'd added the appropriate LDAP-based WPSADMIN account into: -


I wanted to configure them to use the most excellent Ephox EditLive! rich text editor, rather than the default IBM editor.

That nice Mr Adrian Sutton Esq kindly pointed me at a document on the Ephox website: -

which describes how, as the portal adminstrator, to configure the Web Content Viewer portlets to use EditLive, by updating or adding a property: -

WCM_RICH_TEXT_EDITOR = EditLiveJavaEditor.jsp

I tried this, but the IBM RTE still came up as default when I created a new item of content ( actually a new Company News item within Home page of the Internet microsite ).

Thankfully, common sense prevailed and, rather than searching for portlets by the criteria "Title Starts With -> Web Content Viewer" - which only threw up: -

Web Content Viewer IBM API ibm.portal.Web.Content.Viewer
Web Content Viewer (JSR 286)
JSR 286 ibm.portal.Web.Content.Viewer.Jsr286

I chose the search criteria "Title Contains -> Web Content Viewer" which returned: -

Web Content Viewer IBM API ibm.portal.Web.Content.Viewer
Web Content Viewer (JSR 286)
JSR 286 ibm.portal.Web.Content.Viewer.Jsr286
Express Web Content Viewer
IBM API ibm.portal.Express.portlets.lrp

It was the Express Web Content Viewer that I needed to change - in hindsight, had I looked at Edit Page Layout for one of the Internet/Intranet pages, I'd have got the same result.

The other wrinkle was that, in contrast to the Ephox website, the IBM Information Centre here: -

directs one to use a slightly different value for the property: -

WCM_RICH_TEXT_EDITOR = /wps/ephox;/jsp/html/EditLiveJavaEditor.jsp

When I used EditLiveJavaEditor.jsp or /jsp/html/EditLiveJavaEditor.jsp, I still got the IBM RTE rather than EditLive!

So, after some trial and, as always, some error, I now have the EditLive! editor as my default RTE throughout my WP/WCM environment, which is nice.

And now to try and get the IBM WebSphere Portal Content Templates Catalog working in my clustered environment - I'll crack it, with the help of the Dublin labs. from whence the installer came ...


Unknown said...

Glad to see you got assistance from Adrian Sutton - he is one of our best and brightest!

Dave Hay said...

Hi Tara, yes, he's a bit of a gem, thanks :-)

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