Friday, 4 June 2010

Lotus UK 'Power of Business Applications' conference - 16th June, 2010


In today's environment organisations are required to act more quickly to respond to ever-changing business demands, to get ahead of the competition and to deliver solutions to their business functions. In the IBM Lotus brand we understand the importance of business applications because our IBM Lotus Notes and Domino customers have been running their businesses on applications for many years. We understand the importance of integrating those applications with workforce collaboration, presence-awareness and other enterprise solutions, and delivering them on a variety of platforms to suit the needs of the users. And we understand the importance of protecting your investments, in ensuring that you can continue to take those applications forward, to continue to evolve and improve them, and integrate them into tomorrow's business solutions and modes of collaboration.

The IBM Lotus 'Power of Business Applications' conference will show you the art of the possible and demonstrate the range of capabilities and extension points to Notes and Domino applications. Why haven't we labelled this as a 'developer conference'? Because this is not just about showing demos and code - the conference will discuss strategies for enhancing existing applications, building a new breed of applications, and also include customer reference stories to illustrate how some IBM Lotus customers are gaining value from their applications.


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Wednesday 16 June 2010


I'll be there - will you ?

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