Wednesday, 16 June 2010

WebSphere Portal 6.1.5 - NullPointerException error during cluster-node-config-post-federation task

More on the NullPointerException error that I was (again) seeing when running the cluster-node-config-post-federation task.

It looked to be a configuration discrepancy between the Node Agent, configured by the previous cluster-node-config-pre-federation task and the Deployment Management, caused by the fact that my /etc/hosts file was misconfigured to the point whereby starting the Node Agent using the script would cause my PC to completely lock up with, I assume, a kernel panic.

My /etc/hosts file now looks like this: - localhost dmhw500

e.g. I'm not binding a hostname to or to a "real" IP address ( my PC is currently disconnected from any Ethernet, wired or wireless ).

I'm now able to start the Deployment Manager ( listening on 8879 ) and my Node Agent ( listening on 8979 ), and was able to synchronise the node within the cell using the Integrated Solutions Console - System Administration -> Save changes to master repository ( with Synchronize changes with Nodes checked ).

Once I did this, the cluster-node-config-post-federation task ran to completion, with BUILD SUCCESSFUL as my reward. I'm now running cluster-node-config-cluster-setup, and we'll see where we get to.

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