Friday, 11 June 2010

Whitepaper - Measuring the value of social software - Defining a measurement approach that maps activity to business value

From my IBM Software Services for Lotus (ISSL) colleagues: -

  • Chris Cooper (Collaboration and Social Software Consultant - IBM Software Services for Lotus)
  • Mike Martin (Senior Managing Consultant - IBM Software Services for Lotus)
  • Terry Kiernan (Offerings Specialist - IBM Software Services for Lotus)


Organizations across a variety of industries are leveraging social software and collaboration tools to promote efficiency and innovation. As more and more companies implement social software initiatives to improve communication and collaboration and to drive business results, a key question is being asked:

How can we determine if our social software initiatives are successful and are providing the anticipated return on technology investment?

Part of the answer lies in identifying at the beginning of the deployment what success will look like for the different business uses for which social software technology is being leveraged. Another key piece is establishing a measurement approach that captures information about the usage of social software tools, how they are influencing individual, group and organizational behavior, and what quantifiable business value is being generated from the investment in social software technology.
This white paper will take a look at how to measure the effectiveness and value of a social software initiative, what tools are available to capture key metrics, and what to take into consideration when establishing a measurement approach.

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