Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Best Practices for Designing Mobile Portal pages for multiple mobile devices

An interesting blog post from Lauren Wendel covering the new Mobile Portal Accelerator: -

Our team is often asked how to approach developing the mobile versions of web content pages.  How to begin and what needs to be considered and prioritized as you go?  Once you determine which mobile devices you will need to support  (if you need to support one or two devices that your organization has standardized on, developing a mobile portal page using a development tool such as Rational Application Developer or Portlet Factory may be a great option for your organization).   Several useful mobile application examples are available from the engineering team, located in the WebSphere Portlet Factory wiki, http://www-10.lotus.com/ldd/pfwiki.nsf/xpViewRecent.xsp?searchValue=mobile.    Other organizations realize they will need to support more than three mobile devices (and their updates) and may choose a multi-channel server option, such as Mobile Portal Accelerator, to help automate mobile portal development and display optimization for thousands of in-market devices, and their updates in the future. We've worked with a number of organizations worldwide that have saved development and code maintenance costs using this approach.  A demonstration of the power of Mobile Portal Accelerator to optimize content for virtually all mobile devices in -market can be viewed here on an IBM "Demonet" server: http://mpademo.net:10040/wps/portal  (you can check this out with your own mobile device)!


including a link to the MPA demo -> http://mpademo.net:10040/wps/portal <- which looks pretty good on my BlackBerry 8310 Curve and Apple iPod Touch .....

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