Friday, 3 September 2010

IBM Lotus Quickr for WebSphere Portal 8.5 - Various Notes on Administration

So, I've been looking at, and playing, with the latest version, 8.5, of IBM Lotus Quickr for WebSphere Portal, trying to ascertain how I can bring Quickr into another WebSphere Portal environment, using the Web Application Integrator portlet.

Now, I've done this before with earlier versions of Quickr, as blogged here and here, but 8.5 is currently foxing me ( and others ).

Digging into Quickr, it reminds me of one of those Russian Matryoshka dolls, with each layer containing another layer, perhaps going down to infinity.

So, I've learnt a few things today - in the first instance, there are a number of layers of administration, from the normal Quickr Places-based administration, right down to the pure WebSphere Portal 6.1.5 administration UI, that's buried beneath the surface.

Having hooked my Quickr server up to LDAP ( IBM Tivoli Directory Server 6.2 ), it's taken me a while to work out which ID to use where - in the end, having configured the underlying portal to use an LDAP user ( similar to wpsadmin of old ), via the ConfigEngine tasks: -

./ wp-change-was-admin-user
./ wp-change-portal-admin-user

I realised that I still needed to do a manual "hack" in order to get my LDAP user to access the crown jewels of the admin UI. This required me to log into the WAS Integrated Solutions Console, using the LDAP user, and locate the Enterprise Application, QuickrNextAdmin.

I stopped the application, and then used the Security role to user/group mapping and, having searched for and found my LDAP admin user, add it to the Administrator role. Once I started the application again, I was able to log into the Places Administration UI, and then click the Advanced Administration link to get to the meat of the situation - at this point, I'm back in good old WebSphere Portal land, which is my comfort zone.

So here's the URLs, for the record: -

Normal URLs

Admin URLs

Places Administration

Place Catalog Administration

Advanced Administration!ut/p/digest!b0dWmDx3zxfGEAehkKu0fw/?uri=nm:oid:ibm.qp.Advanced%2520Administration

WebSphere Integrated Solutions Console

Now, back to Web Application Integrator ....


ChrisN said...

Instead of updating the roles in QuickrNextAdmin manually is better to use ./ action-security-ifixes-for-qkr task. This updates the admin mapping everywhere needed.

These is the list of actions executed with that task.

ChrisN said...

Also, there are more steps required to move the admin users and groups to the LDAP.

Dave Hay said...

Chris, thanks for your comments - I'm going to run through another QuickrP 8.5 installation, and will try the steps you mention, regards, Dave

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