Thursday, 23 September 2010

WebSphere Portal v7 and the Web Application Integrator portlet - no success thus far

Continuing my exploration of the newly released WebSphere Portal v7, I thought I'd see whether I could get the Web Application Integrator portlet to work.

Now before I start, it's worth remembering that, currently, WAI is only supported with WebSphere Portal and below - it's not yet been updated to support v7.

It started well; I expanded the ZIP: -

-rwxrwxrwx 1 1000 1000 231572 Jan 13  2009 webappintegrator_for_Portal_6_1.ZIP

into /root on my portal server, copied the ConfigEngine script: -

-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 2763 Feb 20  2008 /root/wai_install/deployWebAppIntegrator.xml

into the appropriate directory: -


and then installed it using ConfigEngine: -

cd /opt/IBM/WebSphere/AppServer/profiles/wp_profile/ConfigEngine
./ -DWasPassword=passw0rd -DPortalAdminPwd=passw0rd -DWebAppIntegratorLocation=/root/wai_install/

When I logged back into WebSphere Portal, and navigated to Administration -> Manage Pages, I was sad to see that the normal WAI user interface did not appear in its normal place under the Manage Pages portlet.

Recalling a recent conversation with a colleague about WAI and Virtual Portals, and referencing an older blog post of mine, I tried an alternate angle of attack; using XMLAccess to deploy it to the appropriate pages: -

cd /opt/IBM/WebSphere/AppServer/profiles/wp_profile/PortalServer/bin/
./ -in /root/wai_install/addWAItoManagePages.xml -user padmin -password passw0rd -url http://localhost:10039/wps/config

This initially failed, because the XMLAccess script couldn't find the WAR file :-

     <message id="EJPXA0107E"> EJPXA0107E: The resource for the URL file:////opt/IBM/WebSphere/PortalServer/installableApps/WebAppIntegrator.war could not be read. [web-app uid=webappintegrator.WebAppIntegratorPortlet.dbcf144b21.webmod]</message>
        <message> /opt/IBM/WebSphere/PortalServer/installableApps/WebAppIntegrator.war (No such file or directory)</message>

so, approaching desperation, I manually copied the WAR file, WebAppIntegrator.war, from /root/wai_install to /opt/IBM/WebSphere/PortalServer/installableApps.

I then re-ran the same XMLAccess command, which completed normally: -

<status element="all" result="ok"/>

and, joy of joy, the WAI UI appeared in its rightful place under the Manage Pages portlet.

Sadly, when I attempted to generate the JavaScript that I'd normally insert into my to-be-integrated page, I was instead redirected an error page, containing: -

Error 500: java.lang.NoSuchFieldError: com/ibm/wps/state/accessors/url/URLContextConstants.FORCE_ABSOLUTE_URLS

Ah, well, I did try.

As I mentioned, WAI is not (yet) supported under WebSphere Portal 7 - I'll endeavour to find out if/when, and report back.

*UPDATE 24/11/2010* I've now learned that Web Application Integrator for WP7 will shortly be made available via the Catalog. I've tested it internally, and it works as one would expect.


Brownie said...

Hi Dave,

Please do let us know when Portal 7 supports the WAI. This is a key component for a number of our client deployments and will prevent them upgrading to Portal 7 if it is not available.

For that matter I also have a new client looking at Portal 7 and they are keen to use the WAI Portlet as well.



Dave Hay said...

Hi Adam

I've raised a PMR, and will update when I know more.

Regards, Dave

Dave Hay said...

No joy re support yet, but it was suggested that WAI might work with v7 but not with the new Universal Integration Hub theme.

However, thinking about this further, the exception that I see: -

Error 500: java.lang.NoSuchFieldError: com/ibm/wps/state/accessors/url/URLContextConstants.FORCE_ABSOLUTE_URLS

comes when I attempt to generate the JavaScript code to place it in the to-be-integrated page, within the Administration -> Manage Pages portlet, which operates under the old v6 theme.

Have responded thusly to my development colleague, and we'll see what happens ...

Vladimir Ivanov said...

Hi Dave,

It is interesting: independently under our internal PoC project I've successfully installed (exactly as you described) the WAI Portlet (version to be precise) in WP7 Express.

When I logged back into WebSphere Portal, and navigated to Administration -> Manage Pages,I discovered normal WAI user interface under the Manage Pages portlet.

On the other hand, when I tried to generated JS tag I've got exactly the same error (googled and found your post):


We really need the WAI functionality to be workable in portal, so please post the info when the WAI Portlet portable to WP7 appears (or what should be done in order to adjust the existing version).


Brownie said...

Any update on this Dave. I am waiting on the first customer request to use the WAI and am hoping to have a good answer :)

Dave Hay said...

@Adam, nothing positive to report thus far, will keep you posted via the blog, regards, Dave

Dave Hay said...

*UPDATE* I've now learned that Web Application Integrator for WP7 will shortly be made available via the Catalog. I've tested it internally, and it works as one would expect.

Vladimir Ivanov said...

Hi Dave,

I've found only Web Application Bridge (WAB) portlet uploaded into the catalog recently (November 24), but not a Web Application Integrator (WAI) portlet.

Would you please check with IBM team when WAI portlet will be available?

Thank you very much,

Dave Hay said...

@Vladimir - have checked with the developer of the WAI portlet, but won't get a response until the New Year.

Will update this post when I know more.


Vladimir Ivanov said...

Hi Dave,

Do you have any update on this?

Sorry for bothering you on the matter, but we have a demo soon and it would be very nice to have this UC.


Dave Hay said...

@Vladimir - no, sadly no news at present, but I've asked the developer again .. will get back to you when I know more, Dave

Dave Hay said...

@Vladimir - please can you drop me an email to david_hay at, regards, Dave

Unknown said...

Hi Dave,

do you habe any updates on WAI for WP7?


leifen said...

Hi Dave,

As per my mail. I need it too. Customer project could be hanging on this.

Cheers, Christian

Unknown said...

HI Dave, Any updates on the WAI Portlet Availablity for Portal V7.0, I would also need for my projects.

Dave Hay said...

Hey Praja, no, not yet, but I will keep you and the team posted, regards, Dave

Dave Hay said...

Good news - have just blogged here that a WP v7 version of the WAI portlet is available.

See here: -

for details.

goog said...

does websphere 8.00 supports wai...

Dave Hay said...

@Goog, no, WAI isn't currently supported on WP8, as per this: -

Personally, I suspect that support will not come, because WAI has never worked with the Page Builder themes, and WP8 makes heavy use of them.

Therefore, I'd recommend you consider Web Application Bridge instead: -

WAB is bundled with WP8.

Regards, Dave

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