Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Enhancing WebSphere Portal & IBM Content Manager with Elastic Caching - Webcast - 18 July 2012

This popped up in my River of News earlier today: -

Websites and applications have become progressively more complex as our industry's technologies and methodologies advance. The load capacity and response times of modern applications are increasingly constrained by access to back-end datastores such as content repositories and general database systems which are difficult to scale up. Caching of content by applications as done by WebSphere's Dynamic Caching service can help with this problem but runs into a number of limitations including invalidation/consistency problems and application server memory constraints. 

WebSphere eXtreme Scale and the XC10 caching appliance can help address these challenges. If you are looking to improve customer experience by providing a basis for faster, more reliable web sites, the WebSphere eXtreme Scale product family offers an implementation of dynacache which stores cached content in an in-memory elastic data grid instead of using the default dynacache implementation which stores cached content in WebSphere Application Server heap space or on disk. There are numerous advantages to this configuration such as: caches can be much larger than what the application server heap would otherwise support while not paying the penalty of storing on disk, caches are shared between application server instances, and cached content can survive an application server restart. This implementation can be enabled without requiring any application code changes. 

Join us for a free webcast to learn: 

The benefits of distributed in-memory data grids aimed at high-performance/high-scale data-intensive applications 
Details surrounding the WebSphere eXtreme Scale dynacache provider 
The performance benefits achieved from moving a Portal Dynacache instance into a data grid hosted by an DataPower XC10 caching appliance 
The configuration steps needed to enable the WebSphere eXtreme Scale dynacache provider


Yakura Coffee, Product Manager, IBM


Benjamin Parees, Senior Software Engineer, IBM


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