Thursday, 21 June 2012

Required Reading - WebSphere Application Server V7: Session Management

Session support allows a Web application developer to maintain state information across multiple user visits to the application. In this IBM® Redpaper™ publication, we discuss HTTP session support in WebSphere® Application Server V7 and how to configure it. We also discuss the support for stateful session bean failover.

This paper is the stand-alone version of chapter 12 of WebSphere Application Server V7 Administration and Configuration Guide, SG24-7615.

Table of contents
  • HTTP session management
  • Session manager configuration
  • Session identifiers
  • Local sessions
  • General properties for session management
  • Session affinity
  • Persistent session management
  • Invalidating sessions
  • Session security
  • Session performance considerations
  • Stateful session bean failover

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