Tuesday, 26 June 2012

TECH-P09 Web Application Bridge (WAB): “No Coding!” Integration Style for External Web Applications in WebSphere Portal

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TECH-P09 Web Application Bridge (WAB): "No Coding!" Integration Style for External Web Applications in WebSphere Portal

Jason Cornell, Product Manager, IBM Web Content Manager
Samit Narula, Web Experience Software Developer, IBM

The enterprise today provides web experience through multiple web applications which are non-uniform in technology used, standards followed, and so on. Web Application Bridge, aka WAB, as a technology allows an enterprise to use its existing or acquired infrastructure, however heterogeneous it might be, to be integrated within WebSphere Portal. Internally, WAB uses the latest features that the WebSphere platform offers. It provides an agile integration approach for legacy as well as the latest web applications, without needing to tap into exposed APIs or requiring any developer involvement. Another useful aspect of WAB is to facilitate a message-driven integration style that can even make different web applications interact with each other. Any deployment professional armed with just the knowledge of the topology and security environment of a web application can surface it within the WebSphere Portal using WAB. This session will provide details on what makes WAB such a potent integration mechanism. We will provide insights on how to integrate different types of web applications, how various authentication mechanisms can be configured for trust association, how WAB allows the external web application to be a part of the Portal collaboration environment, and trips and tricks for administrators.

on the WebSphere Portal Family Wiki.

It's a 53-minute video of a session that Jason and Samit gave at the recent Exceptional Web Experience conference in Austin, TX.

Definitely worth a watch ...

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