Friday, 12 October 2012

Getting Started with Your Web Experience

This post links across to a nice new set of resources from IBM focused on the design and delivery of an Exceptional Web Experience, using WebSphere Portal, Web Content Manager etc. The site is still evolving, but it's definitely worth bookmarking.

I saw this on Twitter today: -

You've come to the right place to get started building your web experience. Since it takes many people, in different roles, all working together to make your website a reality, the hands-on tutorials are organized by user role and progress from novice level, Learn the Basics, to intermediate level, Beyond the Basics. You've found a guided path to launching an exceptional web experience.

• Installing WebSphere Portal
• Configuring WebSphere Portal to use DB2
• Starting to customize the portal site
• Installing for production
• Configuring the database

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