Saturday, 13 October 2012

WebSphere Portal 8 - Community articleCommand-line interface to update Portal v8 response files

This article references an article from the WebSphere Portal 8 Wiki showing how to augment the response files used to install the product silently, via IBM Installation Manager.

I've excerpted some of the text from the Wiki article below: -

 To install WebSphere Portal v8 silently, you are required to provide an xml response file. This can be obtained by using the IBM Installation Manager GUI to record a response file. However if you do not have a GUI environment, this is not a valid option for you and you must manually edit a response file provided on the WebSphere Portal v8 Setup media. Manually editing this xml file can be tedious and confusing.

The attached script ( is designed to make this process easier on the user by providing a command-line interface with easy to understand prompts that update the response file for you.

Please refer to the Wiki article: -

Command-line interface to update Portal v8 response files

for the script, and for more information.

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