Thursday, 4 October 2012

IBM Packaging Utility - Handling FTP Authentication via the Command Line

This post picks up on the earlier article - Using the Packaging Utility to create a repository for IBM Installation Manager - as I continue my exploration of WebSphere Application Server 8.5.

So, when I tried to create an additional repository, for the WAS 8.5 fixes, using the PUCL command: -

$ /opt/IBM/PackagingUtility/PUCL -sVP listAvailablePackages -repositories  ftp://hayd@

I got this: -

Opening repositories.
Opening repository ftp://hayd@localhost/mnt/hgfs/WAS85/Fixes.
Searching for packages.
CRIMC1011W WARNING: The following repositories are not connected:
  WARNING: Failed to connect to repository 'ftp://hayd@'.
    WARNING: Missing credentials for prompt: ftp://hayd@
    WARNING: Use the -prompt option to receive a credential prompt. The credentials are saved to the keyring file.

Following the suggested solution, I ran this: -

/opt/IBM/PackagingUtility/PUCL -sVP listAvailablePackages -repositories  ftp://hayd@ -prompt

Opening repositories.
Opening repository ftp://hayd@

=====> PUCL> Password required


     P. Provide credentials and connect
     C. Cancel

Select 'P' to enter credentials and connect, or 'C' to cancel.
-----> P

Enter user name:
To use the user name 'hayd', press Enter. To use a different user name, enter the user name.
-----> hayd

Enter password:
To skip entering password, press Enter. In most cases, you must enter a password to access a repository.

     1. [ ] Save password if valid
Saved passwords are stored on your computer in a file which is difficult, but not impossible, for an intruder to read.

     O. OK,      C. Cancel
-----> O
Searching for packages.
Collecting all offerings or updates in repository ftp://hayd@

It's all good now.

More to come .....

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