Friday, 14 February 2014

Honor Harrington - Shares my Philosophy :-)

Not to mention the fact that the only way someone really learned was by doing, and trying to clear all the obstacles out of someone's path didn't do her any favors, however it seemed at the time. At the very best, it cost them the chance to learn from mistakes. At worst, it simply postponed the time when they ran into a problem they didn't know how to handle . . . and left them fatally overconfident because they thought they did know.

No, not my words, these are the words of David Weber in Ashes of Victory, one of his absolutely brilliant Honor Harrington series of novels, aka The HonorVerse. 

They're available from Baen Books, online from various locations including: -

Steve Gibson from, author of Spinrite, designer of SQRL, and expert witness on the excellent Security Now podcast, has links to a number of the HonorVerse series here: -

"Honor Harrington" Complete 16-book series in one ZIP from my site: Kindle/mobi:  iTunes/ePub: 

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