Friday, 28 February 2014

IBM PureApplication System - IBM Connections in The Cloud

So I'm busy learning IPAS this week, getting to grips with the tools necessary to build private/hybrid clouds and also enable Developer Operations (DevOps), providing automation at all levels, from infrastructure build and operations through to development artefact automated deployment through environments.

One thing that I've seen that brings my old ( IBM Software Services for Collaboration ) and new ( IBM Software Services for WebSphere ) worlds together is this: -

IBM Connections Hypervisor Edition 4.0 supports deployment of IBM Connections 4.0 virtual images into virtualized environments. 

• Includes IBM Connections 4.0 and the Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server operating system as a system pattern for use with IBM PureApplication System
• Can be distributed to easily deploy and manage social business solutions in a private cloud
• Helps reduce installation and configuration time to rapidly deploy social business solutions

Using IBM Connections Hypervisor Edition 4 enables better utilization of hardware and faster response to demands for newly deployed systems. This can help to reduce both hardware and software operation costs, and maintenance costs. By deploying virtual images, businesses can also ensure that systems are built with a known, stable, and tested configuration, reducing the potential for errors and ensuring rapid deployment of a working system, whether for development, test, or production. 

Shiny :-)

It's also worth noting this as well: -

IBM Web Experience Patterns for WebSphere Portal Server provides preinstalled, preconfigured images of IBM WebSphere Portal Server V8.0.0.1 to automate provisioning of web experience solutions in a private cloud. 
• Optimized to run on top of a hypervisor, including the ones in the PureApplication System to drive better utilization of hardware and faster response to demands for web experience systems, reducing deployment time from months or weeks to minutes.
• Includes new WebSphere Portal and Web Content Manager patterns and script packages based on expert practices, including single server and multiserver clustered deployments that can further automate setup of simple to complex web experience deployments.
• New social software  patterns automate integration and provisioning of WebSphere Portal with IBM Connections Files and Profiles.
• Enables rapid setup and use of fixpacks and solution updates to Web Experience Patterns for WebSphere Portal solutions.
• IBM Web Experience Patterns for WebSphere Portal Server Hypervisor Edition is charged using a Processor Value Unit metric

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