Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Solved! - Hmm, Firefox and Blogger not playing nicely

For the past few months, I'd noticed that my Blogger account wasn't functioning perfectly when I accessed it using Firefox.

This problem persisted through multiple versions of FF, including the most recent version 27.

This is what I see: -

whereas this is what I should see: -

I've let the problem go for quite a while ( using Chrome as one of my backup browsers ) but I decided to crack it today.

I assumed that it was one of my plugins or add-ons.

Assuming that add-ons were more likely villains, I started by disabling Adblock Plus 2.4.1 but to no avail.

I then tried the excellent Disconnect plugin: -

We crawl the web to find the companies that track people, then Disconnect blocks those companies' tracking requests in your browser.

and boom the Blogger search bar and Sign In features started working again.

I'll tinker with the Disconnect configuration, but at least I have a circumvention.



Sorted - I merely need to tell Disconnect to whitelist rather than blacklist the Blogger site: -

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