Wednesday, 12 February 2014

IBM PureApplication System (IPAS) - Getting started

This year, I am starting to look at IPAS for, really, the first time.

Therefore, I'm building a list of things to read, and these two rather useful developerWorks articles popped into my focus, thanks to Twitter.

Part 1 of this article series teaches you how to develop plug-ins for virtual application patterns in IBM® Workload Deployer and IBM PureApplication™ Systems. The examples presented here are also applicable to IBM SmartCloud Application Workload Services. This article walks you through a simple example as it teaches you key concepts necessary to begin developing plug-ins and pattern types. This series complements the Navigating the IBM Cloud article series.

A virtual application pattern defines an abstract application model that is disconnected from the underlying topology. What if you want to enable your solution as a virtual application pattern, but it requires additional functionality not offered by the plug-ins in the existing pattern types? In this case, you need an extension to the out-of-the-box functionality. This second article of the series gives you a concrete, hands-on example on how to extend and customize an existing pattern type.

These are in addition to a previous blog post of mine: -

plus a number of other useful Redbooks ( on iOS, of course ) and developerWorks articles: -


Adopting IBM PureApplication System V1.0

Overview of IBM PureSystems

Platform as a Service with IBM PureApplication System

IBM PureApplication System Best Practices

Creating Composite Application Pattern Models for IBM PureApplication System


Preparing for IBM PureApplication System, Part 1: Onboarding applications overview

Preparing for IBM PureApplication System, Part 2: Is your application ready to become virtual?

Preparing for IBM PureApplication System, Part 3: Choosing a database option

Preparing for IBM PureApplication System, Part 4: Onboarding applications to the cloud using the Advanced Middleware Configuration tool V1.1

Preparing for IBM PureApplication System, Part 5: Developing virtual application patterns for IBM Workload Deployer with Rational Application Developer

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