Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Engage Business Users in Process Improvement with IBM Blueworks Live

More from IBM about the benefits of IBM Blueworks Live

A critical success factor in any business process improvement project is engaging business users. They are, after all, the ones who know best how the current-state process works, as well as the various ways in which it doesn't work. And they are also the ones whose daily work life will be most directly impacted by any process changes. The trick is getting business users directly engaged in the project. They are used to that being "IT's job," although they often complain that IT doesn't listen to their requirements, or at least does not adequately understand them. But if you can somehow get those users to actively collaborate with your business analysts and consultants in documenting the current process, analyzing its shortcomings, and describing in detail a proposed new and better process, your chances of successful process improvement significantly increase. That requires new tools that not only eliminate the barriers that have always gotten in the way of business users but encourage active business user participation in the project.

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