Thursday, 19 June 2014

Samsung TV - When YouTube becomes NoTube

So my bro-in-law has a rather shiny 46" Samsung D6530 3D TV, with which I was so impressed I bought a similar model ( albeit only the 2D version as I don't have Sky, BluRay or a passion for foolball ).

One thing that made him sad was that the native YouTube app failed to work - it'd just hang there, and never actually get past the logo.

A quick Google later, and I suggested that the firmware might need to be updated.

He was on 001006, and 001026 appears to be the current version.

I downloaded it from here, as a ~120 MB .EXE file: -

extracted it to a USB thumb-drive ( using a Windows VM on my Mac ), and then used the Samsung's menu to update the firmware from the USB key.

Once updated, we're in like Flynn, and YouTube is pushing ABBA out across the lounge .....

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