Wednesday, 4 June 2014

WebSphere Application Server - Monitoring for performance - IBM Application Performance Diagnostics

So I need to write this up more fully, but I've been brought up-to-speed with two rather useful tools to facilitate the monitoring of WebSphere Application Server ( and other Java workloads ): -

IBM Application Performance Diagnostics (APD) is a powerful yet lightweight tool that can be deployed quickly to help optimize the performance of your WebSphere Application Server and WebSphere Portal applications.

What it does for you

• Reduce application downtime - faster problem resolution
• Optimize performance - find bottlenecks in the code
• Reduce production rollbacks - find problems earlier in lifecycle

Key benefits

• Install and configure in a matter of minutes, providing immediate value
• Lightweight enough to run in any environment, even on a developer's workstation
• Powerful enough to diagnose the root cause of issues, not just symptoms

Specifically, there is an APD Lite tool that's freely available

IBM Application Performance Diagnostics Lite is a free tool. If you are registered with IBM, and have an IBM ID, you can log in and download the software.
IBM APD Lite v1.1 Features:

• Enhancements to security
• Updated data collectors
• Stability related fixes

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