Friday, 27 June 2014

Integrating WebSphere Message Broker with IBM Business Process Manager

This from my IBM UK colleague ( and fellow bon viveur ), Paul Smith, with whom I've shared mainly a fine Hursley Park club-house breakfast: -

This article shows you how to integrate WebSphere Message Broker with IBM Business Process Manager Standard Edition, with pragmatic ways to get the two products working together at both design time and run time.

This article describes the integration of IBM® WebSphere® Message Broker (hereafter called Message Broker) with IBM Business Process Manager Standard Edition (hereafter called IBM BPM) . Because Message Broker V8.0.0.1 is going to change the way in which services are created, this article focuses on bottom-up scenarios for the time being. As soon as Message Broker Fix Pack 1 is available, the top-down scenarios can be completed.

This article describes pragmatic ways to get the two products to work together from both design-time and run-time perspectives. For design time, integration involves methods that will make the different tools look more or less aligned. The key deliverable is to make the tools look like they work together in an aligned way so that you can easily do demo's, pilots, and proofs-of-concept (PoCs).

The article focuses on out-of-the-box features, even though many utilities have been developed to extend Message Broker capabilities. The article does not cover development governance, impact analysis, or changes to existing implementations, which will need to be addressed in the future. Also, the article covers only web service integration between the two products, and leaves JMS and MQ integration for a future article.

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