Friday 24 June 2016

F5 BIG-IP - More learning, more tinkering, more blogging

I'm continuing to learn more about the F5, in my quest to really understand how it all works, in the context of solving a tricksy little SSL handshake problem between an LTM and an IBM HTTP Server box.

Here's a few commands that I've used: -

tmsh show /ltm node

Ltm::Node: (
  Availability   : unknown
  State          : enabled
  Reason         : Node address does not have service checking enabled
  Monitor        : none
  Monitor Status : unchecked
  Session Status : enabled
Traffic                ServerSide  General
  Bits In                       0        -
  Bits Out                      0        -
  Packets In                    0        -
  Packets Out                   0        -
  Current Connections           0        -
  Maximum Connections           0        -
  Total Connections             0        -
  Total Requests                -        0
  Current Sessions              -        0

tmsh show ltm pool all members field-fmt |grep "ltm\ pool\|active-member-cnt\|addr\|monitor-status"

ltm pool {
    active-member-cnt 1
            monitor-status up

Plus this: -

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