Monday, 6 June 2016

Problems installing IBM Integration Designer - I *MUST* read my own blog

I was trying to install IBM Integration Designer 8.5.5 via a response file, and kept finding that the installation failed to complete, and that DB2 Express ( part of the IID WebSphere Test Environment - WTEt ) failed to install.

I broke the installation down into its component parts, and tried to simply install DB2: -

"c:\IBM\Installation Manager\eclipse\tools\imcl.exe" -input z:\tmp\iid856\installDB2_WIN64.rsp -acceptLicense

This explicitly failed: -

ERROR: Error preparing IBM® DB2 Express 64 bit
  CRIMC1029E ERROR: Adding plug-in to repository C:\ProgramData\IBM\Installation Manager\bundles failed.
    CRIMC1085E ERROR: Resumable download failed for: z:\tmp\IID856\WTE_Disk\repository\DB2_64\plugins\
      ERROR: 'plug-in' does not exist (at z:\tmp\IID856\WTE_Disk\repository\DB2_64\plugins\ z:\tmp\IID856\WTE_Disk\repository\DB2_64\plugins\ (The systemcannot find the file specified)

I found this blog post: -

from early 2013.

It looked like there was some problem with the WAS fixes element of the installation.

Reading this IBM Technote: -

appeared to confirm that.

Therefore, I applied the same solution as before - re-extract the ZIP files that comprise the WTE: -

unzip /Volumes/DaveHaySSD/Software/IID856/ 
unzip /Volumes/DaveHaySSD/Software/IID856/ 
unzip /Volumes/DaveHaySSD/Software/IID856/ 
unzip /Volumes/DaveHaySSD/Software/IID856/ 

and also checked for the missing file: -

in the old expanded WTE: -

find /tmp/iid856.old/WTE_Disk/ | grep -i


find /tmp/iid856/WTE_Disk/ | grep -i


See the difference ?

Right, now for the installation ….

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