Friday, 2 September 2016

IBM BPM 8.5.7 - WSVR0009E during startup

I saw this after a clean build of an IBM BPM Advanced 8.5.7 Deployment Environment ( this is a single-server deployment, for an IBM Integration Designer build ): -

[02/09/16 12:39:36:799 BST] 00000001 WsServerImpl  E   WSVR0009E: Error occurred during startup Failed to query the BPM version from database [jdbc/PerformanceDB]. Please check the ffdc log for detail information. 
For fresh installation scenario, please run the database initialization scripts under the corresponding database schema first; for upgrade or migration scenario, please upgrade your database to match with current product version first.

in C:\IBM\WebSphere\AppServer\profiles\AppSrv01\logs\server1\SystemOut.log.

I checked the content of the Performance Data Warehouse (PDW) DB: -

db2 connect to pdwdb user db2admin
db2 list tables for all | more

and realised that, whilst I had plenty of artefacts in the SYSCAT and SYSIBM schemas: -

ATTRIBUTES                      SYSCAT          V     2016-09-02-
AUDITPOLICIES                   SYSCAT          V     2016-09-02-
AUDITUSE                        SYSCAT          V     2016-09-02-
BUFFERPOOLDBPARTITIONS          SYSCAT          V     2016-09-02-
DUAL                            SYSIBM          V     2016-09-02-
PARAMETERS                      SYSIBM          V     2016-09-02-
PARAMETERS_S                    SYSIBM          V     2016-09-02-
REFERENTIAL_CONSTRAINTS         SYSIBM          V     2016-09-02-
REF_CONSTRAINTS                 SYSIBM          V     2016-09-02-

there was NOTHING in the DB2ADMIN schema.

This is a manual build of IID, rather than one using the Launchpad, and, of course, I'd made a mistake.

Whilst I had created the database: -

cd c:\IBM\WebSphere\AppServer\profiles\AppSrv01\dbscripts\PSCell1.ProcessServer\DB2\PDWDB

I'd forgotten to create the tables etc.: -

db2 connect to pdwdb
db2 -tvf createSchema_Advanced.sql
db2 terminate

Once I did the needful, it started working: -

[02/09/16 12:49:35:797 BST] 00000001 WsServerImpl  A   WSVR0001I: Server server1 open for e-business

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