Friday, 2 September 2016

More on Docker - this time it's IBM DataPower Gateway

One of my colleagues kindly drew my attention to this nice little set of tutorials, which take one through using the IBM DataPower Gateway (IDG) on Docker: -

which is excellent, as I'm definitely on the on-ramp for Docker and IBM Containers and, equally importantly, I wanted to learn more about DataPower.

Having downloaded the image: -

docker images

REPOSITORY            TAG                 IMAGE ID            CREATED             SIZE
ibmcom/datapower      latest              e8cc082c4c80        10 hours ago        719.2 MB
jenkins               2.7.2               a94b49bb279b        39 hours ago        714.5 MB
websphere-liberty     latest              f042ad3a168c        3 weeks ago         444.4 MB
websphere-liberty     webProfile7         efa42bcc5850        3 weeks ago         396 MB
ibmcom/db2express-c   latest              7aa154d9b73c        15 months ago       1.705 GB

and having run the container, things start up, albeit with a few errors: -

20160902T120115.012Z [0x8040006b][system][notice] logging target(default-log): Logging started.
20160902T120115.058Z [0x804000fc][system][error] : Insufficient memory allocation. Required is 4000000 KB, but configured is 2048396 KB.
20160902T120115.058Z [0x804000fe][system][notice] : Container instance UUID: 693e7870e85a, Cores: 4, vCPUs: 4, CPU model: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4870HQ CPU @ 2.50GHz, Memory: 2000M, Platform: docker, OS: dpos, Edition: evaluation, Up time: 0 minutes
20160902T120115.066Z [0x8040001c][system][notice] : DataPower IDG is on-line.
20160902T120115.066Z [0x8100006f][system][notice] : Executing default startup configuration.
20160902T120228.633Z [0x8100006d][system][notice] : Executing system configuration.
20160902T120228.634Z [0x8100006b][mgmt][notice] domain(default): tid(7375): Domain operational state is up.
Unauthorized access prohibited.
login: 20160902T120232.481Z [0x806000dd][system][notice] cert-monitor(Certificate Monitor): tid(399): Enabling Certificate Monitor to scan once every 1 days for soon to expire certificates
20160902T120234.509Z [0x8100006e][system][notice] : Executing startup configuration.
20160902T120236.642Z [0x8040009f][system][notice] throttle(Throttler): tid(1327): Disabling throttle.
20160902T120236.661Z [0x00350015][mgmt][notice] b2b-persistence(B2BPersistence): tid(111): Operational state down
20160902T120237.024Z [0x0034000d][mgmt][warn] ssh(SSH Service): tid(111): Object is disabled
20160902T120246.438Z [0x00350015][mgmt][notice] smtp-server-connection(default): tid(6847): Operational state down
20160902T120246.438Z [0x00350014][mgmt][notice] smtp-server-connection(default): tid(6847): Operational state up
20160902T120247.454Z [0x80e00817][quota-enforcement][error] quota-enforcement-server(QuotaEnforcementServer): tid(639): The operational state of quota enforcement server transitioned to down.
20160902T120247.455Z [0x00350015][mgmt][notice] quota-enforcement-server(QuotaEnforcementServer): tid(639): Operational state down
20160902T120247.457Z [0x00350014][mgmt][notice] quota-enforcement-server(QuotaEnforcementServer): tid(639): Operational state up
20160902T120247.475Z [0x81000001][cli][error] : *** Unknown command or macro
20160902T120247.475Z [0x81000223][cli][error] : (startup-config:632): save-config overwrite
20160902T120247.476Z [0x00350014][mgmt][notice] web-mgmt(WebGUI-Settings): tid(303): Operational state up
20160902T120247.593Z [0x8100000c][mgmt][notice] : tid(111): Saved current configuration to 'config:///auto-user.cfg'
20160902T120247.597Z [0x8100003b][mgmt][notice] domain(default): Domain configured successfully.

login: admin
Password: *****

Welcome to IBM DataPower Gateway console configuration. 
Copyright IBM Corporation 1999-2016 

Version: IDG. build 280356beta4 on Sep 1, 2016 5:37:25 PM
Serial number: 0000001

Notice: startup config contains errors.
idg# 20160902T120904.790Z [0x8120002f][ssl][error] ssl-server(webgui-ssl): tid(64)[]: SSL library error: error:140940E5:SSL routines:ssl3_read_bytes:ssl handshake failure

and I can get to a login screen using: -

Now to learn what to do with DP :-)

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