Friday, 14 May 2010

SECJ0055E errors seen periodically in WebSphere Portal SystemOut.log

Having finished my WP/WCM clustering work, I was checking through the SystemOut.log files for my portal cluster to see whether there were any exceptions or errors about which I should be worried.

I was seeing: -

SECJ0055E: Authentication failed for uid=wpadmin,dc=uk,dc=ibm,dc=com. The user id or password may have been entered incorrectly or misspelled.  The user id may not exist, the account could have expired or disabled. The password may have expired.

This Technote: -

summed things up perfectly.

The Run As Role for the Personalization Scheduler service ( pznscheduler ) didn't appear to have a password associated with it.

I changed this via the Integrated Solutions Console on the Deployment Manager, under Applications -> Enterprise Applications -> pznscheduler > User RunAs roles where I selected the RuleEventRunAsRole and then entered wpadmin in the username field and the appropriate password for that user in the password field.

Once I clicked OK, saved the configuration and restarted the cluster, all appeared to be well, which is nice.

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Marcus Khoo said...

Great tip! Thanks Dave

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