Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Encouraging User Adoption - Getting Users to update and maintain their own Profiles in Lotus Connections

An interesting post from Michael Ransley, promoting a widget from, I assume, his company, JustNudge.

Lotus Connections has a lot of options and places where information can be entered and it can be overwhelming for a new user who doesn’t know where to start. A simple graphical widget can give them an indication of their profile maturity and how it can be improved. To a certain point these can be thought of as collectable achievements and is a well known method in getting users more involved in systems.

JustNudge has produced a widget that provides this feedback to the user, giving them both a graphical representation of their progress together with information on a potential next step.


Check it out ...


Stuart McIntyre said...

Hi Dave, Michael and I have been working very closely on this and other Connections widgets (including Profile Progress, multiple reporting lines and more), and Collaboration Matters is deploying these widgets as part of many of our Connections rollouts for our customers.

This Delicious widget is excellent in that you can import many bookmarks to pre-populate your environment, and they do not need to be your own bookmarks - simply search for a tag that has relevance to your organisation or interests, and bring them in.

I really do recommend it for any Connections deployment.

If any readers have questions, feel free to reach out to Michael or myself, we'd be delighted to help.

Stuart McIntyre said...

And of course I hadn't spotted that this was the Profile progress widget you were linking to. Doh!

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