Wednesday, 25 August 2010

SECJ0369E: Authentication failed when using LTPA. The exception is

This one goes into the "Doh!" box, but I thought I'd blog it here (a) to aid me in the future and (b) perhaps to aid others.

One of my colleagues was finding that certain users were unable to log into a Lotus Connections environment - the problem only appeared to affect a specific subset of users, added more recently via LDAP ( Tivoli Directory Server ).

The exceptions that we were seeing were: -

[8/25/10 10:40:38:368 GMT] 0000002f LTPAServerObj E   SECJ0369E: Authentication failed when using LTPA. The exception is <null>
[8/25/10 10:40:38:369 GMT] 0000002f FormLoginExte E   SECJ0118E: Authentication error during authentication for user hayd

with: -

Your user name and/or password does not match any existing accounts. Please check and try again

in the browser.

Being a techie, I immediately dived off into the depths of the "problem", looking at LDAP using Apache Directory Studio, DB2 database tables ( EMPINST.EMPLOYEE in PEOPLEDB ), TDI logs etc. I even re-ran the to-DB2 TDI assembly line, via the script ./ in /home/idcuser/LC/Wizards/TDIPopulation/TDISOL/linux having manually added a DN to collect.dns.

Having done all this ....

Do you know what the solution was ?

We were using the wrong passwords :-)

Isn't it nice when a plan comes together ........................

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