Monday, 25 April 2011

Firefox 4 - Rearranging the user experience

Thanks to Andrew Frayling, and to this blog - Sudobits - posting for helping me with something about which I did not know.

Me on Twitter @1835 today   Dear Firefox 4, I quite liked having the home icon to the LEFT of the address bar, so why oh why did you have to put it to the RIGHT ? #fail

Andy on Twitter @ 1840 today   @david_hay you can customise the toolbar in FF4 -

Me on Twitter @ 1844 today   @SphericalN now *THAT* I like :-) Cheers, Andy, muchos gracias, senor

In other words, Firefox 4 allows one to customize the UI simply right clicking anywhere in the toolbar, and choosing "Customize".

Simple, or what ?

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urzel said...

6 time faster than the previous version?

Ever since using firefax 4 the browser is INCREDIBLY slow and basically useless. No other changes have been done to the system (MAC OS) -all software is up to date
this sucks!