Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Mac Attack - How to use Microsoft Office formats on a non-Microsoft desktop

This week, I have hit two interesting challenges: -

i) How can I create, edit and view architectural diagrams in Microsoft Visio format ?
ii) How can I view project plans in Microsoft Project format ?

Oh, did I forget to mention ? This week, I mainly be using an Apple Mac :-)

Well, one answer would be ... purchase Microsoft Office, although I'm not sure that Visio or Project come in Mac OSX flavours :-)

So, for the Visio diagram issue, we have Omnigraffle and, for the MS Project issue, today I found MOOS Project Viewer 

For the MOOS software, I can see me spending the requisite US$25 but I'm not sure (sadly) that the Hay budget will stretch to the US$199 that Omnigraffle Professional costs :-(

Still, it's great to know that there are alternatives.

PS Even more good news, MOOS runs on Linux as well, which sorts me out nicely for my Ubuntu boxen

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