Wednesday, 6 April 2011

IBM Connections - Some Useful Snippets from the people who know ... IBM Connections

Whilst browsing the excellent site that is the Connections Blog ( kudos to Sharon and Stuart for this ), I found two little gems ( no, not lettuces ! )

Summary:  One of the primary new features of IBM Lotus Connections 3.0 is the email digest capability, which provides personalized daily and weekly newsletters that are generated based on the activities and updates in the user's social network. This white paper describes how to customize the daily and weekly digests emails, ranging from changing the look and feel of emails to more complex customizations such as adding your company-specific content to the email digests. In addition, this paper also covers customizing individual notification emails sent by the Lotus Connections services. 

In this white paper
• Introduction
• Configuring and administrating email notifications
• Customizing daily and weekly email digests
• Customizing individual notifications
• Conclusion
• Appendix: Comprehensive overview of all notifications in Lotus Connections 3.0
• Resources
• About the authors

which is very timely, given that we're using email notifications in our two-node Connections 3.0.0 cluster.

Some really useful movies have been shared so far, covering topics such as:

• building TDI assembly lines
• using the ATOM API
• using the Admin APIs
• using sub-communities

Must get online and have a PEEK

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