Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Want to know what goes best with what ? Then check this out ...

A friend had previously mentioned this a few months back, but the factoid had only made my L1 cache, and had been flushed from memory :-(

Today, another IBM colleague, Michael Alexander, also mentioned it on Twitter, so I thought I'd write it down before I forget it :-)

Over at IBM.COM, there's a rather useful little site entitled Software product compatibility reports which produces seports about compatible software combinations.

As an example, want to know about the operating systems that support IBM WebSphere Process Server v7 ? Then check out this sample report.

Reports include: -

Operating systems for a specific product

Usage: Find out all the operating systems on which a product you have in mind runs.
Products that use a specific operating system

Usage: Find out all the products that are supported by an operating system you have in mind
Matrix between specific product(s) and desired operating systems

Usage: Find out if a set of software products runs on operating systems you have in mind.

Want to know more ? Then go and check it out here.

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Raul said...

Very useful, ... thanks Dave!