Thursday, 24 May 2012

Changing WebSphere Portal's default verboseGC behavior for better problem determination results.


Starting with Portal 7.0, by default, the VerboseGC data is now no longer in the same file as the rest of the JVM's native messages. This can lead to a more complicated PD process.

Resolving the problem

Troubleshooting memory issues is a task that all Portal sysadmins need to face at some point in their careers. One of the most important tools to help you with this prospect is the verbose garbage collection (GC) capability built into the SDK that the Portal product runs on. VerboseGC data can tell you about allocation request failures, SDK memory consumption, and general JVM health. Starting with Portal version 7.0, this important tool is turned on by default out of the box. You now no longer need to enable it in order to start collecting this important information.

Want to know more ? Check out the Technote here.

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