Sunday, 20 May 2012

IBM WebSphere Portal Mobile Experience V8.0

Mobile is exploding and no longer considered an add-on. It is quickly becoming a primary channel for customers and employees to be productive.  The Portal Mobile Experience provides you code to quickly extend WebSphere Portal sites to mobile devices that support Webkit (Apple, Android, Blackberry phones).  This new theme shows how to control the look and feel, page navigation and content navigation on a smartphone and provides examples of rich mobile web interaction patterns such as swipe, carousel, accordion, and swap using CSS3 and HTML5.

The Mobile Experience for V8.0 has been updated to leverage the Theme Optimization framework making it easy to setup a custom profile and add capabilities such as Dojo.  The new Mobile Experience can also be deployed using the out-of-box Solution Installer as well as it has been updated with a new look and feel that can be turned on using the module framework.  This provides an example pattern for implementing different styles.

Two reviews thus far: -

Great to see this released so quickly after WP8 GA'ed! Downloaded to try right now.

Fantastic delivery, install was a breeze with the Solution Installer already pre-installed with Portal 8 GA.

Get it here, get it here right now

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