Tuesday, 29 October 2013

IBM BPM 8.5 - Samples and Tutorials

My IBM colleague kindly shared this with me: -

BM Business Process Manager, V8.5, All platforms > Getting started with IBM Business Process Manager > Samples and tutorials > Hiring Tutorial

In this tutorial, you will use the tools in IBM® Process Designer to re-create the packaged Hiring Sample process application that is in IBM Process Center.

This tutorial gets you started with aspects of the Process Designer tool by having you iteratively model and test a hiring process instance. As you complete the lessons, you will learn about Process Designer so that you can build your own processes.

Note: This tutorial is a learning exercise that describes one way of modeling, implementing, and testing a process. Depending on your process and process application, other techniques might be more appropriate.

This tutorial is broken down into the following five modules:

• Model the process
• Implement the process
• Create the user interface
• Integrate the process with services
• Conduct the final playback

After you complete this tutorial, you will be able to do the following tasks:

• Model a process that is based on the process requirements.
• Implement the process, including data variables and services that are required by the process.
• Create the user interface for the process.
• Conduct playbacks at each phase to validate the work that you completed.
• Run and review the process.

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