Friday, 11 October 2013

WebSphere Application Server - Failure to Stop

If you see this: -


[10/10/13 10:48:31:935 BST] 0000003a RoleBasedAuth A   SECJ0305I: The role-based authorization check failed for admin-authz operation Server:stop.  The user E01619367 (unique ID: user:defaultwimfilebasedrealm/t=e81822,ou=people,o=foobar) was not granted any of the following required roles: operator, administrator.

and: -

FFDC ADMN0022E: Access is denied for the stop operation on Server MBean because of insufficient or empty credentials.

when attempting to stop a WAS server/cluster, as the error says, you don't have authority.

This occurred to me because I was logged into WAS with a normal user, to whom I'd given ONLY the Administrator role.

However, I'd NOT given the user the Operator role.

Once I did that, all was well ;-)

Which is nice …..

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