Tuesday, 15 October 2013

IBM BPM 8.5 - What's it all about

My client asked me for some insights into IBM BPM 8.5, so I pinged him the following: -

Getting started with IBM Business Process Manager

Understand what capabilities IBM® Business Process Manager provides for business process management, and how the various phases of business process management, such as creating and deploying process applications, relate to one another.

IBM® Business Process Manager is a comprehensive business process management platform, providing full visibility and insight to managing business processes. It provides tooling and a runtime environment for process design, execution, monitoring and optimization, along with basic system integration support. The product can be configured to support various levels of complexity and involvement with business process management.

as he'd previously shared this with me: -

What's new in IBM Business Process Manager V8

This article describes the highlights of the newly announced IBM Business Process Manager V8, including a newly redesigned Process Portal, integration with Enterprise Content Management systems, searching and sharing of content between Process Centers, enhanced governance capabilities, and other new features. This content is part of the IBM Business Process Management Journal.

IBM Business Process Manager V8.0 enhances business user effectiveness and efficiency and simplifies process governance  [PDF]

IBM® Business Process Manager (IBM BPM) V8.0 is an update to the IBM comprehensive and consumable BPM platform that provides visibility and management of your business processes.

Facilitates collaborative and intelligent work with a revamped social process portal experience.

Empowers process participants with the new IBM BPM application for use with iPhone and iPad.

Expands capabilities for more easily composing rich, sophisticated user experiences for activity completion and dashboards.

Enriches governance and lifecycle capabilities with new features for asset management, collaboration, versioning and deployment.

Simplifies finding, exploring, and sharing process content within and between teams.

Extends process applications with business documents and content stored in
enterprise content management repositories. 

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