Monday, 28 October 2013

Intermittent SSL issues occur in IBM Business Process Manager (BPM)

Interestingly, we saw this self-same issue in one of our BPM Standard environments last week: -


In IBM Business Process Manager V7.5.x and 8.0.x products, there is an intermittent issue that causes the wrong trust store to be used for SSL connections. This siutuation leads to different types of communication errors between servers.


The communications errors continue until the affected server is restarted. This issue does not occur frequently. However, it has a high impact when it occurs. It is more likely that you might see this issue with IBM Business Process Manager V7.5.x, but it can also occur with Version 8.0. Due to the impact of this issue, you should apply the interim fix for APAR JR46822, which is available in Fix Central. For more information about the issue, see JR46822.

The fix is included in IBM Business Process Manager V8.5.

and we're testing JR46822: -

right now.

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