Monday, 14 October 2013

Using the REST APIs in IBM Business Process Manager V7.5

Summary:  Learn about the REST resources available for application developers to use in IBM® Business Process Manager to access business process, human task and business category data. This article introduces the various components of Business Process Manager that are exposed in the REST APIs, as well as supported content types, use of method overrides, response data formats, and how to use the REST API Tester tool.


IBM Business Process Manager V7.5 provides a set of APIs that are implemented using Representational State Transfer (REST) services. A set of business process definition (BPD) related REST resources are provided for accessing business process, human task and business category data. These REST APIs enable developers to build a user interface or customize an existing portal application. The APIs are simple enough to be called from mobile devices or from Rich Internet Applications (RIAs).

This article introduces the IBM Business Process Manager REST APIs you can use to access business process, human task and business category data, and describes the various components of Business Process Manager that are exposed in the REST APIs. You'll learn about the following:

• The REST URL format
• The available REST APIs
• Supported content types and use of method overrides
• Response data formats
• The REST API Tester

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