Thursday, 16 October 2014

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On the back of: -

for the record, this is what I changed: -

Add cell-level configuration file 101Custom.xml

cd /opt/ibm/WebSphereProfiles/Dmgr02/config/cells/PSCell1/nodes/AppSrv02Node/servers/AppClusterMember1/process-server/config

vi 101Custom.xml

Contains: -

<!-- Added by Dave Hay, IBM, to disable Process Server to Performance Data Warehouse communication - 18/09/2014 -->
                        <enabled merge="replace">false</enabled>

Synchronise Node from Cell-level configuration

/opt/ibm/WebSphereProfiles/Dmgr02/bin/ -lang jython -user wasadmin -password <<removed>> -c "AdminNodeManagement.syncActiveNodes()"

Start Process Server Deployment Environment

/opt/ibm/WebSphere/AppServer/bin/ -start -profile Dmgr02 -de PSDeployEnv -username deAdmin -password <<removed>>

Validate new configuration for PDW

view /opt/ibm/WebSphereProfiles/AppSrv02/config/cells/PSCell1/nodes/AppSrv02Node/servers/AppClusterMember1/process-server/TeamWorksConfiguration.running.xml

Now contains: -



I also needed to update the cluster template version of this file, so that new cluster members would get the same configuration.

Therefore, I have placed a copy of 101Custom.xml here: -


Just thought you ought to know ....

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