Monday, 20 October 2014

IBM Tivoli Access Manager WebSEAL overview

IBM(R)Tivoli(R)Access Manager for e-business (Tivoli Access Manager) is a robust and secure centralized policy management solution for e-business and distributed applications. IBM Tivoli Access Manager WebSEAL is a high performance, multi-threaded Web server that applies fine-grained security policy to the Tivoli Access Manager protected Web object space. WebSEAL can provide single sign-on solutions and incorporate back-end Web application server resources into its security policy.

This overview chapter introduces you to the main capabilities of the WebSEAL server.

Topic Index:

• Introducing IBM Tivoli Access Manager and WebSEAL
• Understanding the Tivoli Access Manager security model
• Protecting the Web space with WebSEAL
• Planning and implementing the security policy
• Understanding WebSEAL authentication
• Understanding WebSEAL junctions

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